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Man lying on hospital bed cake goes viral

Still Waters

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A picture of a man lying on a hospital bed has gone viral after he turned out to be a cake. In 2020, the trend of hyperrealistic cakes had taken social media by storm. But The Bake King has taken the hyperreal cake game to the next level.


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You can make a cake delicious, or you can make it from easily sculptured edible...Stuff.

You can't really do both. Most art cakes' taste is inferior to cake where the goal is flavor.

Fondant is terrible, IMO. But it can be worked like plasticine clay.

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So awesome

. @Seti42 not true. My cousin is a master baker and artist. Over the years she’s made some incredibly delicious and weird cakes. Brains, realistic phalluses,a bust of Darth Vader, Disney Princesses. 
Nothing on the level of this guy in bed though, that is so cool and disturbing :tu:

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I think trying to consume that would make most people nauseous. Maybe it would be different if he were on a table at a halloween party... But in a hospital bed? Bleurgh

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And Hospital says they have no beds for real patients

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