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Meditation Techniques

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Throughout my life I've had periods of time where I would have vivid and lively dreams for nights on end. It won't last more then a few months. Then it will be a long period of time with little to no dreams, which are usually not vivid. I've found a connection to my dreams based on diet, exercise, consumption of movies, books, and music, and life circumstances.

Has anybody found that they can control their dreams by other means and help use them to shape their reality? Has lucid dreaming helped your creativity, relaxation, or physical condition? I find that having positive dreams can help me be more productive by day and improve exercise. Lately I haven't been able to control them as well.

Especially, has anyone used binaural beats, visual meditation, or a combination of visual meditation and soundscapes?

I have found myself struggling with some steps of escaping meditation where I fall asleep or meditate within my meditation and psyche myself out. I have found stairs, stretching, and running help me regain focus.

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Bed of chaos

Good questions. Does it help my creatively, relaxation, or physical condition? Somewhat. After a lucid dream (waking up) I definitely feel excited, being able to recall my adventure. I suppose it depends what you specifically want out of it. I'm content (ld'ing) just walking around asking others questions. I think it's different for everyone. Though some other members here would definitely agree it helps creativity, relaxation, ect.

Another member asked me once if I consider lucid dreaming a form of meditation. I'm on the fence here. I'd guess its complicated. So many things can go wrong in lucid dreams. Which I believe are beyond our control. False awakenings. Something unexpected (in reality, noises) wakes us up. Who decides when a dream ends? Anyway I'd consider certain ld'ing techniques (like wake initiated lucid dreams) similar to meditation but others (dream initiated lucid dreams) not. This technique (dilds) is accomplished personally thru reality checks (I suppose conditioning) not sure this qualifies as meditation.

Last, in regards to control (if you imply having longer lucid dreams) I simply remain persistent w dream journal. Document dreams asap upon awakening. This seems to improve dream recall There's no scientifically proven induction method however this method (dilds) works for me (usually within two weeks). There's another popular method (wake back to bed) though I've never tried it.

I could dm you about one or two sites that list lucid dreaming techniques (if you wish). I cant remember if it's against forum rules to list other sites here. Anyway, its past my bedtime. Have a good night.

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