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The most mysterious song on the internet

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17 hours ago, the13bats said:

Okay my good friend D-rat comments on my reply in the old thread and see this in new threads and was oh hell the matrix hiccupped.

So my updated reply....

I went and listened to it again, i was booking lots of bands and spinning 1 to 7 nights a week in the 80s, i likely wouldnt have played this song  it is just a bit to mediocre generic sounding,

I also believe it wasnt ever popular or someone would raise a hand and say who it is,

The thing is it might have involved 2 or 3 people in a garage studio and they dont know or care anyones hunting the song and like i said in the other thread they might have all passed away, 80s wasnt yesterday.

I dont find it odd it cant be found, for example i got a demo vhs in the 80s the goth band was out of south fl tampa area name "immaculate deception" song "its already been done" i lost the video and never could find them, no other people in the music scene here heard of them and they are not the death metal band of same name.

Another is a parody of la bamba, i had the demo cant recall bands name song was "words to la bamba".

There are likely billions of songs in the world i simply do not find it odd some cant be found of identified.

So you lost the demo, what a shame. Do you have any other demo around?

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