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The mystery of Royston Cave

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Some forty miles north of London is a cave, whose peculiar shape and curious wall etchings are so emotionally charged and symbolically rich that experts remain baffled as to its origins and purpose. I speak of Royston Cave, a fascinating subterranean dwelling beneath the streets of Royston, an unassuming village in the historical county of Hertfordshire, England.

Antiquarians have studied Royston Cave’s idiosyncratic drawings for centuries, and their artistic renderings have provided us with a time capsule of what the cave looked like before weathering, vandalism and the Victorians took their toll. Nevertheless, sketches such as those by William Stukeley (1742) and Joseph Beldam (1884) do not prepare you for just how small, and how peculiar, the cave really is.

2012 article from: Andrew Gough

This cave is unique in Britain for its numerous medieval carvings on the walls; comparable examples exist only in the former Czechoslovakia and Israel. Some of the figures are thought to be those of St. Catherine of Alexandria, St. Lawrence and St. Christopher.

Royston Cave: Wikipedia

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