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Hey folks. I had a really cool dream last night and I thought I’d share. 

Dream starts out I’m in my living room. I see this strange shadow. Go into my hallway, and hear the bathroom door shut. This was odd cause everyone was in bed. No way for them to get where the shadow was without me seeing them first. 

So I walk over to the hallway and see the bathroom light on. I look to my left into my oldest sons room, and can see his arm hanging off the bed. I turn to my right and see my youngest son and his Mom asleep in our bed. So yep, someone is in the bathroom that doesn’t belong there. 

I take two steps in the direction of my gun cabinet, when I hear the bathroom door open. No time to get a gun. So I turn around to see my oldest son coming out of the bathroom. From there I can see him, and can also see his arm is still hanging off the bed. 

So I say to him “Nic there is someone in your bed” I’m about to head back towards the gun cabinet, when I see him walk towards his room where some stranger is in his bed. Instead of getting the gun, I follow him in the room, trying to stop him. 

As we walk up to the bed, we can see that he is also in the bed. My son is standing next to me, and also in the bed. 

Needless to say I’m totally confused. So the son that’s standing next to me says “let me try something” and he proceeds to lay down right next to, well, himself. 

As soon as the two of them touched, they begin to kinda melt into each other till there is only one of them. That’s when I woke. 

Thanks for stopping in folks. I had to write this one down. 

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