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Bush in Europe to mend relations


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No it isnt, because many things in society are compulsory. Computers for example are fast becoming a way of life, for me as a student, not having a computer would be suicide. There isn't always a choice.

well don't buy microsoft componants...there are plenty of SUPERIOR opensource applications out there as alternatives. Don't like windows? get one of the versions of Linux...for free! Don't like MS Office? get an open source alternative. I'm yet to pay for an MS product:)

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I still don't understand why you hate capitalism. What is wrong with profits? By and far the least are helped along the way.

Lots of reasons. laugh.gif Ultimately someone's ideology tends to be created by their environment. Its quite possible if you were born in Scotland and I was born in Texas then I'd be the Capitalist and you'd be the Socialist grin2.gif .... blink.gif kinda scary hmm.gif

I'll show you around Texas. 

That would be interesting, we could go visit pisces1963 grin2.gif

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hahaha sure come on by.

I'll light-up the Grill, get some Kegs and maybe a Band and we could kick-it-up.

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