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New warp drive patent has emerged online

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Fascinating?  Try reading it here - https://www.freepatentsonline.com/20200130870.pdf - and decide for yourselves.

Personally I can't see that they've invented anything except Orestes-level gobbledygook.  Call me a cynic, but they appear to have designed something rather like a radio.  (Radios are not noted for their ability to twist spacetime in any useful manner.)  And images like this - 

1032237109_fig3.gif.48fc0b9f489f451350a3fac0f47e069b.gifhardly inspire great confidence.


Like the short-lived "pyramids were a home for bats" theory in another thread, I suspect the authors are not expecting us to take this too seriously.

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I hope so but, Good Luck with that!

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There is something I don't understand about the Alcubierre drive. How is the exotic mass front of the bubble will be moved even FTD?   I visualize his proposal as putting a large mass (small planet) on front of your ship to let gravity exerts acceleration. Then in order to keep accelerating, the large mass has to be continually moved on front to avoid a crash.  If that the case, that stupid visualization will allow the ship to move indefinitely (in theory), but that is a fallacy unless we prove how the large mass will be moved.   This kind of ingenuity remind me a tv documental where astrophysics proposed to launch an object toward a comet and make it orbit the comet to modify is trajectory.  Other popular examples ingenuity are the Dyson sphere, and the Drake equation

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