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Still Waters

'Pet' fox loses leg after caught in snare

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Still Waters

An abandoned rare pet fox which sparked a major search in Barry has had its leg amputated after being caught in a snare.

The black fox, named Luna by rescuers, had been seen roaming through the seaside town during recent weeks.

Rescuers said the fox and its sibling had been abandoned by their owner and were tame and friendly.

After searching for two weeks for the pair, they found Luna badly injured after snares were set.

There are now fears for the safety of the other animal, named Orion by the team, who rescuers say was also injured and they now fear he could also get trapped in snares.

The news has sparked renewed calls for snares to be banned in Wales.


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:(  This happened to my mom's cat when I was a youngster.  Felix had been missing for a week when we heard him wailing from outside; we found him curled up in the basement window-well with a horribly mangled leg from a trap.  Mom went nuts (a rarity) and rushed him to the vet.  He had a serious infection besides the wound itself, so they amputated and had him on antibiotics for a while.  He then lived a long 3-legged life as an indoor cat.

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ted hughes

Snares and gin traps. Totally unnecessary.

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