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New evidence in MH370 mystery


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The man who headed the Australian Government's fruitless, years-long search for missing flight MH370 has called for a fresh sweep of the ocean floor based on new evidence.

Peter Foley says new research produced by oceanographers and flight experts has pinpointed a possible resting place for the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777, which vanished exactly seven years ago with 239 souls on board, including New Zealander Paul Weeks and six Australians.

Experts now believe the wreckage could be at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, about 1900 kilometres west of Cape Leeuwin in Western Australia.

Foley said a new expedition should search the sea floor 70 nautical miles either side of the target area, which is notorious for its deep ocean canyons and underwater mountains, The Times reported.

Full article at the NZ Herald: Link

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I'd love to be part of a team that got to go out and search for things like this. 


Although it'll probably be hard to spot down there since it will more than likely be covered in plastic bags and other garbage. 

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Has "The disappearing act" been proven fake or I'm missing something here?

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