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4-year-old recalls past life 9/11 experience

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10 hours ago, psyche101 said:

Is the way you see reincarnation religiously orientated? 

Not necessarily. I don’t hold to organized religion and the one I was raised in you live, due and go to heaven. I mainly reached my current beliefs just by thinking things over and deciding what felt right to me.

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On 3/29/2021 at 6:00 PM, jmccr8 said:

Hi Rolci

Why would I have to explain anything the link I gave pretty much sums it up as to how law enforcement is looking at this. I have had a hypnotist try on me twice and couldn't put me under so personally I don't put a lot of stock in it to start with and am well aware of how cops worked back home and don't put a lot of stock in them either.


"I don't put a lot of stock in it" somehow doesn't explain how a skeptic police captain (or anyone for that matter) could possibly know that the painter of the Hunchback Woman lost his mother due to a blod clot. It could've been anything else. The VAST majority of people that die will WITHOUT a blood clot in the brain. He identified and years later verified 28 independent facts in the life of someone that had lives a LONG time ago and someone who was so unimportant it was a real detective work to find the painter's name. All 28 facts (all of which could be simplified to yes/no questions) all checked out, NOT ONE missed. The point is, he WASN'T SUPPOSED TO KNOW all that stuff about the painter of the Hunchback Woman (Barroll Beckwith, who died more than 30 years before Snow was born). And the other point is that anyone can carry out the same investigation, and indeed we have literally thousands of such stories, however most are not experienced by people who are willing to spend time and energy to investigate the possible truth (or lack thereof) behind the phenomenon. A very few do, and these are the ones that make it to the news. The rest are shrugged of as "coincidences" or just as a "curiosity".

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