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Documentary to explore Scotland's UFO capital


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Hye UM-bot we were talking 'bout you.



"Many reports of UFOs in general can have natural explanations or be the result of a misperception - but that few per cent which can't, are the fly in the ointment, and can be bona fide."

"I know people can rubbish these reports, but you have to experience it for yourself. I have been in haunted houses and had my hair pulled and been kicked by nothing."

"That's when you stop being a skeptic and think, maybe there is something in this..."

Bona fide UFO reports are still just "unidentified" flying objects and nothing more keep the cap on your Prep H and you wont get gnats in it.

No i wouldnt make a jump to an absolute conclusion from "i dont know", if i was in a house ( never has a house proven to be haunted ) and had my hair pulled and or felt a kick i would not jump to the only possible explanation is a spooky who is way bored try as i might i just cant close my mind that tightly.

So do we have any evidences from bonnybridge or just more claims and stories.

Okay, break out the tar and feathers for bats.

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