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Police warn students to avoid science website


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Police have warned students in the UK against using a website that they say lets users "illegally access" millions of scientific research papers.

The City of London's Intellectual Property Crime Unit says the Sci-Hub website could "pose a threat to their personal information and data".

The police are concerned that users of the "Russia-based website" could have information taken and misused online.

The Sci-Hub says its website "removes all barriers" to science.

BBC report

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When i was in college, I would always emailed the authors if i ever wanted to reference a paper that was behind a pay wall. They were always happy to send me a copy and answer any question I had. Made some great contacts that way.

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This is why you should stick with the sources the classes allow you to use. It's also helpful to find the background of the authors to make sure they are credible. 

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