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Why are there US troops in Mozambique?

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A sharp increase in militant attacks in Mozambique's northern province of Cabo Delgado has forced the government to reassess its strategy against the Islamist insurgency.  It has invited in US military advisers to support its own armed forces in the conflict.

The agreement between the Mozambican and US governments is for American soldiers to train local forces fighting the al-Shabaab militia - believed to have links to the wider Islamic state group (IS).

"US special operations forces... will support Mozambique's efforts to prevent the spread of terrorism and violent extremism," the US embassy in Mozambique said on 15 March.

Full article at the BBC: Link

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Because there are and have been a bunch of Religious Nutters running around the area killing people with impunity since 2017.

Updated - 2019


November 2020


16 March 2021 Beheading Children


And because there is a huge supply of natural gas in the area, so militants have a targets, locals are displaced, the west can get its gas and military contractors have a nice new conflict plus its far away enough that no one really notices it .



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'They leave nobody unharmed': Mother's anguish after son shot dead by Islamist insurgents

Sky news


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