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The Star Tiger Disappearance

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A number of explanatory theories have been presented over the years for the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle disappearances including Ufo abductions, unwitnessed crashes or sinkings, and magnetic surge interference to name but three.

Yet some incidents in this region still defy explanation.

For example, January 29th 1947, 10:30pm, the Star Tiger (a Tudor IV airplane) radioed in to Kindley Field, Bermuda, the message: 'Weather and performance excellent. Expect to arrive on schedule.' At the time the message was sent it was estimated that the craft was 400 miles northeast of the airfield.

The plane did not arrive, no other messages were sent, and no evidence was ever found for a crash explanation.

29 people were on board and despite an extensive search by ten vessels and thirty aircraft no trace of the Star Tiger appeared.


What happened to this airplane and its crew and passengers?

If it crashed, why was no trace of debris or oil slick found? If a magnetic surge caused it to veer off course, why was no other message send?

That final message was a calm, factual report. If the aircraft experienced difficulties, they were immediate, unexpected and lethal as the pilots issued no mayday.

Either these people and their plane died from causes unknown, they were taken somewhere against their will never to be heard from again, or they went somewhere from where they have not been able to return.

The truly worrying point I am making here is that the region in which this vanishing occurred is used by private and commercial vessels and planes every day, and yet no-one has any realistic idea why this tragedy happened. How can we avoid a catastrophe if we don't know about it?

More worrying is man's capacity to reach an unsatisfactory conclusion and continue on to other things without further thought.

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       You mentioned about how mankind can just go on without any further thought on the incident.  I was thinking especially where the victims' families are concerned.  I'm sure they would like to have closure.  

        I heard of a story where a family just disappeared off their yacht in the middle of the ocean, with no further trace of them, like they had just vanished into thin air.  Later it was found they had been boarded by pirates(in disguise). I might be getting my stories mixed up, because I saw it on a tv program awhile back.

        It is always sadder when the mystery involves people missing with no conclusion to prevent it happening again.


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Well, I could understand how some missing vessels could be attributed to pirates, especially since a gang of pirates may board a ship, steal what they want, kill the passengers, then sink the ship. There would be little or no trace, and also no time in which to send a distress signal.

However in the case of the Star Tiger and many other disappearances the aircraft was airborne and invulnerable to nasty seafarers. (Unless they possessed heat-seeking missiles.)

I agree, though, that it must be difficult for anyone who loses someone close to them in such an incident.


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You know, I have heard that when gas comes in the water, it's capacity to carry things gets less, the same thing happens to air, so the plains just crash and sink deep into the water without leaving a trace.

Odin Supreme 8)

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Here is an interesting little fact about the Devils' Triangle - When the Apollo 12 went into space the last thing the astronauts could see of Earth was a patch of "white water" by the Bahama Banks. They said it had an electrical glow and a sort of halo like a magnetic field.

and i think (i'm not sure) but on the exact opposite of the world there is another triangle. So if you are in the Bermuda Triangle and you do a Bugs Bunny and dig through to the other side of the world you'll be in the other triangle.

Is that true or is that just a myth :-/

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Well Dowdy, I've read somewhere that there are actually a band of zones encircling the earth at roughly the same latitude as the Bermuda triangle and may be linked to disturbances in the magnetic field of the earth's core. I think one is supposed to be somewhere near China.

It is possible that what we're dealing with here is a phenomenon closely linked to the magnetic field of the earth, as some writers have hypothesized.

Still doesn't explain some disappearances, though.


Cheers anyway. ;)

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