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1970s 'Mothman' photograph surfaces


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On 3/25/2021 at 5:52 PM, Jaded1 said:

I don't normally pipe up but I've been biting my tongue after seeing some of the incredibly naive comments on this thread. Papa, do you realise how incredibly ridiculous you sound? You believe everything's paranormal. You'd be a conman's dream because you believe every wild claim going whilst ignoring the most reasonable and plausible explanations. You're absolutely deluded if you believe any of your "sources".

Pipe up all you want and we will continue to not see things the same way. I consider my judgments to be properly balanced which is by definition why they are my judgments. 

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6 hours ago, the13bats said:

"Some" lets be honest its very seldom that PGs cheese o meter does peg paranormal,

Its fine its what he sincerely believes so i can respect that what i dont respect is anyone who makes a granduous claim as fact and refuses to support their claim,

For example he side track a thread saying a dead kid channels mothman a dying alien race yet offers zero to collaborate such claims, he got eye rolls for true believers on that one.

Channeling Erik would be a complete tangent to this thread. Do we go there with everything I mention. 

Do you get that I can not show you physical proof of what is beyond physical? If you require physical proof why don't you know to ignore me by now?

I've mentioned multiple times that I respect the Erik source from the mother's testimony and my and other people's experiences. So Erik tells us what he knows about Mothman and that would of course be nothing I can physically substantiate for you. I am free to share that view of Mothman in this thread as food for thought to others. Nothing wrong with that.

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4 hours ago, Jaded1 said:

Hmm... Most of the time I just see a bunch of semi-random percentages on the "Papometer" (Poopometer) that tend to favour a paranormal explanation (although not exclusively so). As I said, I normally bite my tongue, but saying that the mothmen are a dying alien race because some dead kid who's being channelled by a group of mediums "says so" is bonkers, even for him.

Why bonkers? I've given this source serious consideration and what he says is believable. Any explanations for any paranormal/crypto/alien stuff is probably going to get called bonkers by the more narrow thinking. Oh well.

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Thread closed for moderator review.

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