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Report finds ‘no motive’ in 2019 Virgina Beach shooting

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A two-year investigation into the gunman who murdered 12 people in Virginia Beach in 2019, has failed to identify a motive despite more than 1,000 people being interviewed.

On May 31, 2019, Dewayne Craddock killed a dozen people and injured five more in a municipal building where he had resigned as a city engineer just hours earlier, in an attack lasting for 44 minutes. The 40-year-old later died in a police shoot-out.

But the reason behind the murders has remained a mystery, according to a 47-page report by The Virginia Beach Police Department, concluding that Craddock was a “very private person” who told no one of his plans, had no criminal history, suffered no known mental health problems and “left no note nor any other account that would explain his actions”.

UK Independent

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