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I think all of us in the UK agree!


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3 hours ago, Setton said:

You don't travel much, do you?

Can’t answer the question eh? Unless your answer is as lame as you can’t go to a foreign country. And that answer is really the only answer you can give and outside the scope of the question as it relates to the conversation.

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4 hours ago, Setton said:

Which, again, is why everyone who can be vaccinated needs to be vaccinated.

To get us as close as possible to that impossible goal.

The reason herd immunity is impossible with flu is not because you can't get that many people immune, it's because of the rapid mutations.

And flu is not a coronavirus.

Exactly, so why even bother pretending like there is such a thing as herd immunity.  The problem that is found with Covid 19 corona virus is that it mutates faster than influenza.   Like I said and you agree, there is no herd immunity for any corona virus.

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