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expanding earth

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Posted (edited)

If the Earth was 1700 km radius before expansion (at the time when there was only landmass) then :(according to dr maxlow)

1700 km=1056.33 miles radius equals 2112.66 miles diameter

so 7917.5 (current diameter of earth) /2112.66 equals 3.74

The current ratio of moon to earth is 3.66:1

3.74/3.66=1.0239 very close to earth moon ratio

Is my math right someone please check it

Edited by janesix
credit to dr maxlow

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Although it was suggested historically, since the recognition of plate tectonics in the 1970s, scientific consensus has rejected any significant expansion or contraction of Earth.


The scientific community finds that significant evidence contradicts the Expanding Earth theory, and that evidence used in support of it is better explained by plate tectonics.


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