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The Tamagotchi cemetery

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Posted (edited)

“I thought it would be better for him here because I didn’t really want to reset him because it would be like a different thing and I was really close to him. I know that sounds stupid, but I was. But you can bury your pets and if you love something else, you can bury them as well.”

So said young mourner Danielle Perren in 1997.

Interring her pet into the beautiful farmland of Pontsmill, Cornwall, Danielle’s beloved friend was placed into a tiny wooden coffin and buried in a small square grave, there to rest in peace. Danielle’s grief was very real, but her pet? Not so much. That was a Tamagotchi.

Full article at Vice Magazine: Link

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The world's largest Tamagotchi cemetery is the random junk drawer in my bottom tool chest with a small crypt under @Piney's_Little_Ninja's bed and another one in @acute's kitchen junk drawer. :unsure2:

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Bendy Demon

Shows how our society has denigrated where imaginary and digital companions get more love and attention than real ones.

Sounds like this person has some serious mental and emotional issues to contend with.

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