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Is the nearest star cluster to the Sun being destroyed?

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Data from ESA’s Gaia star mapping satellite have revealed tantalising evidence that the nearest star cluster to the Sun is being disrupted by the gravitational influence of a massive but unseen structure in our galaxy.

If true, this might provide evidence for a suspected population of ‘dark matter sub-halos’. These invisible clouds of particles are thought to be relics from the formation of the Milky Way, and are now spread across the galaxy, making up an invisible substructure that exerts a noticeable gravitational influence on anything that drifts too close.




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However... this sort of modelling / simulation needs to be taken with a bit of a salt, as it is almost impossible to verify that the mathematical manipulations are valid, and that all factors are properly accounted for.  As this seems to be the very first report or analysis of this type (?) and has only been done on the Hyades, I'd be wanting to see some other teams working on the same problem..

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Manwon Lender
4 hours ago, toast said:



The same thing could happen if the Stars in question were being influenced by an unseen Super Black hole. Either way, this thread is very interesting thanks for sharing my friend.

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