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18 thousand minors now held at the border

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As young border-crossers fill shelters, U.S. under pressure

More than 20,000 children and teenagers are in the custody of a government system that is already at "103% of capacity," including nearly 17,000 in shelters run by the health department, according to briefing materials from Operation Artemis, a response to the border crisis led by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Government projections obtained by The New York Times show there could be more than 35,000 migrant children to be cared for by June -- a prospect that one former senior Health and Human Service Department official called "terrifying."

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette

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Zeds Dead


What's wrong with her and Biden ? Making light of there responsibilities. They are more dangerous to the American people than even the Taliban.   

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South Alabam

"Madame Vice President, we have just been informed Iran has bought 10, 100 megaton nuclear weapons from Russia,"


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