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London's congestion charge has led to higher pollution

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"The congestion charge in central London has resulted in higher levels of pollution due to a 20 per cent increase in bus and taxi traffic in the city, study shows.

Researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) studied the impact of the charge introduced to the city in 2003.

The purpose of the charge was initially to improve traffic flow, to stop vehicles being at a standstill with engines running idle, and help reduce air pollutants.

However, Professor Colin Green and colleagues found that while it did ease the flow of traffic, it led to an increase in the most harmful aspects of vehicle pollution. 

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels increased after the charge was introduced due to people using more buses and black cabs, which were exempt from the charge."


I think he should change his name to Mayor Khant. Since he's been in change certain things have increased dramatically.

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In fairness there is also good news and  the increased pollution has killed off tens of thousands of trees  . 

 Now at least people and vehicles can see where they are going and accidents have declined enormously . Also tourists have a much larger and uninterrupted view over the many lovely buildings in the world's leading city . 

I used to hate visiting London until quite recently because everywhere you went , boring one colour trees were an unpleasant distraction and a real danger from insects and ghastly little animals which  were forever laying in wait for unguarded human victims .

 There are lots of us out  here who resent trees almost strangling us with their ever presence .

As for huggers . Lock them up .


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