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Other Worlds – Retro Telekinetic Mind Tech and the Sounds of Contact

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“Take a psychic trip in your own Flying Saucer, while listening to music that is out of this world!”

Vintage advertisements offer a window into worlds long since past and all too often forgotten. This is especially true in the psychic wilderness, where even at their time of printing the ads provided access to ephemeral areas of culture whose instability is inherent in their allure. The array of amazingness found in these advertisements is quite astounding – however, few objects of passing culture hold the magnetic potency to draw our attention as the FLYING SAUCER TABLE LAMP found in an advertisement in the back pages of a 1967 issue of Daniel Fry’s Understanding journal. 

A mail order ‘Scientific Marvel‘ offered by the Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America (1) this little lamp offers to provide more than just illumination. The advertisement states that it can be used as a tool for training psychokinesis as well:



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John from Lowell

That was an interesting read. Thanks for sharing the information.



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