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Has 5G achieved what Nikola Tesla could not ?


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Next GO! 

6G... Hang on to your gigabytes...


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6 hours ago, UM-Bot said:

The 5G network has the potential to realize the dream that Tesla obsessed over more than a century ago.


In reality it doesn't apply to Tesla's true goal at all. The purpose of his experiments were to transmit electricity without the use of wires. Tesla wanted to provide free wireless electricity to all the worlds people, and on a limited basis he proved this was possible. So in reality 5G has little to do with Tesla's objective, however, the basis of the technology used to do does have its roots in applications and patents that Tesla did first develop.

Jump to the year 2021, New Zealand is implementing this process. So maybe Tesla wasn't as crazy as people thought he was during his time. In my opinion he was a very eccentric genius who was far ahead of time who never really received the recognition he deserved. 

Oh and by the way, maybe the classes on physics he he was giving Pigeons before he died actually also paid off, because those dam things hardly ever miss when they drop a load on an unsuspecting human!!:lol: Maybe, just maybe that was his revenge from the grave!:tu:

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It's my understanding that he was working towards using the Shumann Resonance as a kind of carrier. It is possible to transmit Very Low Frequency waves using grounding spikes, since dry earth with low conductivity has a capacitive effect, instead of using the miles long systems currently in place to use VLF to communicate with submarines. And it's possible that his demonstration with the car "powered by the ether" was itself tapping into the Shumann Resonance. Skeptics claim he simply had another tower type transmitter nearby, though that would still be more impressive than simply charging your phone with 5G. 

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