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dream jo

Mum was knocking at my door

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dream jo

 I had a dream where my mum was knocking at my door my mum died on Monday the 5th of the 4th 21 she did did she died about 5 days ago but in a drain drain in the dream and healthy and well again

 and today I want a visitor in the chapel of rest I did

 I had a similar dream about 9 year ago and my dad died before I visit him in the chapel of rest

 and my mum is a pain free now she's a piece No More dementia and no more pain and no more silver payday

 I think my mum to make sure I take care of my COPD

but today at least I got a touch your hand and give her a kiss on the forehead but I've not done ear because of covid-19 Rose I'm more the care nursing home all loved her in there they did and what they will miss her I will too but no more dementia and no more pain suffering

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