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Scrabble removes 400 "offensive" words from its playable list

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The owners of Scrabble have banned players from using "offensive" words, sparking a furious backlash from players who have accused the company of "virtue signalling".

The toy company Mattel, which owns the rights to the board game outside North America, has removed 400 derogatory terms from its official list of playable words. 

Although Mattel has refused to publish the list, the game's official word checker reveals that it includes racial slurs against those of black, Pakistani and Irish origin. 

However, David Webb, a British Scrabble grandmaster, accused Mattel of pandering to "wokeness".

UK Telegraph report

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I just can't.......

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Keep going woke. I'll keep saving money not buying your product.:tsu:

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This isn't exactly a first for Scrabble. Last year they dropped a couple hundred words as well, mostly at the request of the tournament players. It's happened a few other times since they started dropping words back in 94. I think with this years new drops it might make for the 7th printing of the Scrabble word list.  They updated game rules last year too. 

Of course, unless one is a tournament player, one can always play by whatever house rules and word lists they like. Can still use a regular dictionary that still has words not on the Scrabble list. 

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