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Still Waters

Rare wild coffee-making plant rediscovered

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Still Waters

As the climate crisis causes havoc in temperature and rainfall patterns around the world, one of the many crops under threat is humanity's precious coffee. Now scientists have identified a coffee-making plant that could be more robust against the rigors of the shifting seasons.

The plant is stenophylla coffee or Coffea stenophylla, a wild and relatively rare species found in Upper West Africa. Compared with the more commonly used coffee plants, it's better equipped to handle climate shifts.

What's more, it has a similar flavor to high-quality Arabica coffee made from the arabica (C. arabica) plant, so it should keep connoisseurs of the hot beverage satisfied as well. Arabica - currently dominating 75 percent of the market - is one of the varieties particularly under threat from climate change, as the plant needs very specific conditions to grow.



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Can't imagine life without a morning coffee.


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and then

Yeah, but does Juan Valdez approve this message?  :w00t:

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