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Camera traps find endangered dryas monkeys

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The Endangered dryas monkey (Cercopithecus dryas), endemic to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is one of Africa's most mysterious primates. The discovery of the dryas monkey killed by a hunter in the buffer zone of Lomami National Park in 2014 has prompted field research of this small species (5-7 pounds). However, they are difficult to detect because they live in dense vegetation in secondary forest thickets.

Using non-invasive research and no-flash camera traps from 2014 to 2019, scientists from Florida Atlantic University in collaboration with researchers from the FZS-Lomami Project, Democratic Republic of the Congo, now have picture-perfect details on this elusive species. They have confirmed the occurrence of the dryas monkey at seven locations in both Lomami National Park and its buffer zone spanning a total area of 3,453 square kilometers, based on opportunistic reports provided by local village residents and park patrols.


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Yet still no Yeti/bigfoot pictures.

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