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Still Waters

Fossils of 'giant cloud rats' discovered in Philippine caves

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Still Waters

Rats, by and large, aren't terribly popular animals. But while you don't want an infestation of common black rats living in your house, their distant cousins in the Philippines are downright cuddly. These "giant cloud rats" live in the treetops of misty mountain forests, and they fill an ecological role occupied by squirrels in the US. And, it turns out, we have new evidence that they've been living in the Philippines for a long time—scientists have discovered the fossils of three new species of giant cloud rats that lived alongside ancient humans.


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You're probably pretty familiar with rodents like rats, mice and squirrels, but have you ever heard of a giant cloud rat?!

Modern-day cloud rats can be found in forests in the Philippines. They live in treetops which is where they get their name from, and are active at night, making them nocturnal animals.

Cloud rats can still be spotted in their native environment today, but scientists have discovered three new species, which are now extinct, that are believed to have been twice the size of grey squirrels!


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