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  What of the dreams in the awaking ? I have many ?


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On 5/10/2021 at 11:48 AM, moonman said:

Not sure if this is delusional or just a product of a healthy imagination and some wacky dreams. Maybe talk to a psychologist about this before putting any stock in it, but sometimes the only fix is getting older/wiser.

Assuming the OP is a teen, these kinds of "I'm an alien/dragon/elf/dreamchild/etc" thoughts are pretty common. I had them myself, as I grew older I realized what nonsense they actually were  - just a product of imagination and a feeling of not "fitting in".

I never did. If someone would have said what the OP has said to me, even when I was 10 years old I would have thought they were crazy. 

I couldn’t come up with a way to say that without sounding, well ya know. Thanks for doing it for me. 

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