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NASA at home for Kids and Families

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Latest Activities - space crafts on aeronautics


I thought this is a cool way to get kids interested.

Aeronautics is the first “A” in NASA, and Langley Research Center has played a pivotal role in the field since the early 20th century.

With this edition of NASA Space Crafts, you can craft and color a paper airplane of your own, as well as other NASA aviation innovations, like the X-57 Maxwell and the X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Technology.

The air transportation system has a profound impact on access and economic growth, on technological innovation, on the environment, and on the people it serves. NASA’s researchers perform critical aeronautics research on everything from air safety and aerospace engineering, to fixed-wing aircraft and rotary-wing aircraft, to wake vortex behavior and unmanned aerial systems.

To download the paper airplane page in black and white, click here. To download the paper airplane page in color, click here.

Click the following links to download these coloring pages: X-57, X-59, and the Transonic Truss-Braced Wing.

Check out previous NASA Space Crafts pages on beyond Earth missions, the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover, and NASA legend Katherine Johnson.

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