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Robot submarine Boaty McBoatface in Loch Ness dive tests

Still Waters

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Robot submarines, including one named Boaty McBoatface, are being tested in Loch Ness in preparation for deep sea research expeditions.

The machines are equipped with sensors for detecting marine life around icebergs and under polar icecaps.

They are designed to dive to depths of 6,000m (19,685ft).

Engineers are running the trials in Loch Ness because it offers a large enclosed space where it is easier to recover a lost sub than at sea.

The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) started the tests earlier this month and is due complete them on Saturday.


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That's not Boaty McBoatface.

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1 hour ago, Wreck7 said:

That's not Boaty McBoatface.

Robot Boaty McBoatface got its name following an online initiative in 2016 in which the public was asked to suggest a name for a new polar ship.

UK government ministers rejected this as inappropriate, and ordered that ship be called RRS Sir David Attenborough. It was decided, however, that one of its robot submarines could be named Boaty McBoatface.


RRS Sir David Attenborough

RRS Sir David Attenborough is designed to support science in extreme environments. A wide range of specialist scientific facilities, instruments and laboratories enable scientists to conduct multi-disciplinary sciences to study the ocean, seafloor, ice and atmosphere. Marine robotics and remotely operated vehicles – including the famous Boaty McBoatface – will capture data from the deep ocean and previously inaccessible locations under the ice.


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very interesting. I hope they have black boxes on board. you know, like the airplanes have in case the craft crashes into something :D

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