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What's the best budget Guitar Amp ?

'Walt' E. Kurtz

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Guitar players out there what is in your opinion the best budget guitar amp ? 




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Depends on your guitar and the sound you're striving for ... Setups for shredding, the clean jazzy, the warm punchy blues tone or the ringing country twang kinda makes choices range from stacks to spreads. 

Busking standard gig certified models is a good place to start nowadays... 

Frankly, the Spark Amp was on my wish list for the longest time, can't afford it though :lol:


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@third_eye I have owned the Orange Micro Terror Bundle liked it but sadly  managed to blow that one......

Ordered the Orange 35RT  but had to return it since there was something wrong with it had to crank up the vol and gain to 8- 9 on both cannels  clean and dirty to get any sound at all  and that with my guitars vol on max. i own an Schecter diamond hellraiser guitar with emg pick ups. checked my guitar on another amp and it worked perfectly.

I like playing anything alternative and of course metal. 

I am thinking about getting the Boss Katana 50w it would work great with my Boss GT- 100 effect pedal and my other pedals... but there might be better alternatives.

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Depends if your playing out or at home also. Currently i got a Fender champ 100 with 2 12's in it , 100 watts. Works for me for now , it was like about 3 something or 400 dollars.

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