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Loki's place in trickster mythology

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“Loki has attracted more scholarly attention during the past century than perhaps any other figure in Norse mythology, primarily as a result of his ubiquity and importance in the surviving mythological documents and the almost universally acknowledged ambiguity of his character,” writes scholar Jerold Frakes.

Some sources define Loki as the son of Odin and Frigga, two frost giants, who abandoned him in battle with Odin, one of the leading gods in Norse mythology. The pair then raised Loki as a prince of Asgard, along with their other sons, including Thor, who also figures prominently in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Full article at the Smithsonian Mag: Link

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Quote from the article:


"The latter may relate to an especially gruesome myth in which Loki—imprisoned in a cave and held fast by the solidified entrails of his son Narvi—cannot escape until the apocalyptic end, known in Norse mythology as Ragnarok. This particular myth spares no grisly detail. Narvi’s entrails are available because cruel gods transformed his brother Vali into a wolf, who then devoured Narvi. A poisonous serpent slowly releases its venom to drip onto Loki’s face, which causes him to shriek in pain and the Earth to quake.

This part of Loki lore probably will not appear in any episodes of the new television series."

Yeah, we should not let our children be horrified by the original tale. We should let them study the bible instead. Let them start with the book of Joshua ben Nun, just before they go to sleep...

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