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Still Waters

1,000-year-old chicken egg, one of the oldest ever, found in Israel

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Still Waters

A complete chicken egg dating back 1,000 years has been unearthed in Yavne, a town in central Israel, the Antiquities Authority announced on Wednesday.

“This is a very rare find, in Israel and the world,” said Dr. Lee Perry Gal of the IAA, a leading expert on poultry in the ancient world. “Eggshell fragments are always interesting to find in excavations, but they are relatively common. A complete egg is really unique.”

The complete egg was unearthed in a vast industrial complex dating to the Byzantine period (4th-7th centuries CE). Within the site, the archaeologists found a cesspit from the Islamic period, and to their surprise they spotted an unusual object inside.


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ted hughes
Posted (edited)

If they could only find the chicken, they may have cracked one of the world's oldest mysteries.

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