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Who’s afraid of the dog-banditti?

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In June 1660, just one month after his Restoration, Charles II’s black spaniel-greyhound cross disappeared. After the offer of a reward provoked no response, the incensed monarch published an advert in the Mercurius Publicus appealing for the dog’s return, claiming the animal:

doubtless was stoln, for the Dog was not born nor bred in England, and would never forsake His Master. Whosoever findes him may acquaint any at Whitehal, for the Dog was better known at Court, than those who stole him. Will they never leave robbing His Majesty? must He not keep a Dog?

In the 18th century, adverts for lost dogs became a mainstay of newspapers across the country. These notices typically offered a reward (the going rate was half a guinea) and listed the type, size, colour and identifying marks of the missing animal. They reveal the scale and diversity of Britain’s dog population, which was fortunate enough to have owners with both the inclination and spare cash to attempt to recover their animals.

Full article at History Today

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and then

Seems that all that really changes about us is the types of toys we're able to create.

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