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Mystery of two girls who travelled to 'Haunted Hotel' and went missing

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Two schoolgirls who disappeared after saying they were off to visit an abandoned and 'haunted' hotel in Japan created a 25-year mystery that resulted in the discovery of their bodies in a car underneath the sea.

Still, after a quarter of a century has passed, questions remain about the two girls' disappearance, as well as some pretty out there internet conspiracy theories.

The story begins back in 1996 when Megumi Yashiki and Narumi Takumi - who were both 19 at the time - disappeared off the face of the earth.

They told their families that they were headed for Uozu City in Yashiki's car, to visit an onsen hot springs hotel that was deserted and - as locals claimed - a 'haunted spot'

Full story at LAD Bible: Link

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