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The Historia de Tlaxcala

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This is a Sixteenth Century manuscript originating in post-Spanish conquest Mexico and deals with the social, political, military, religious and cultural history of the Province of Tlaxcala.

The Historia is a very unusual manuscript in that it can be separated into three different sections; one textual and two pictorial written in Spanish and native Náhuatl. The three different sections have names in their own right; the textual section is known as the Relaciones Geográficas or Descripción de la ciudad y provincia de Tlaxcala while the two pictorial sections are known as the Tlaxcala Calendar and Tlaxcala Codex.

Although the subjects and issues covered in all three sections are linked, it is unclear whether they were all produced at the same time, though it is known that they were not produced by the same author. Written on European paper using pen and china-ink, the manuscript survives bound in its original vellum with gilded and goffered edges.

Full article at Glasgow University

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