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Still Waters

New species of extinct giant rhino found in China –one of the largest land mammals that ever lived

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Still Waters

In the land of endless fossils—aka North China—a new species of giant rhinoceros has been discovered in Gansu Province that ranks among the largest terrestrial mammals to ever walk the Earth.

Belonging to an extinct genus called Paraceratherium, which means “near the hornless beast,” the new species displays some different characteristics and carries with it a potential migratory pattern that may help to explain modern mammalian distribution.

The giant rhino is known to be one of the largest land mammals that ever lived. It has primarily been found in Asia, but its evolutionary relationships remain unclear.

Tao Deng and colleagues recovered skeletal remains of a new species of giant rhino dubbed Paraceratherium linxiaense, named for the Linxia Basin in northwestern China where it was found.




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Oh yeah, I love that one! Ever since I was a child. That's one animal where I really wish it was still around!

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Jon the frog

That's huge ! Imagine the BBQ we could do with that beast !

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