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Still Waters

Dinosaur footprints discovered near the White Cliffs of Dover

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Still Waters

Footprints of some of the last dinosaurs to walk on English soil have been found in Kent and reveal various species likely trudged along the White Cliffs of Dover 110 million years ago.

The footprints of several different dinosaurs were found in Folkestone after a 2011 storm loosened some rocks and exposed the ancient prints.

It is thought these are the youngest dinosaur footprints ever found in England and belong to ankylosaurs, often called a living tank; theropods, three-toed flesh-eating dinosaurs such as the Tyrannosaurus rex; and ornithopods, plant-eating “bird-hipped” dinosaurs.

The largest footprint found, measuring 80cm wide and 65cm in length, has been identified as belonging to an iguanodon-like dinosaur.

Most of the prints are one-offs, but the researchers also found one of the prehistoric reptiles took six steps in a row on the soft land, and all have been preserved.



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