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New US bill could ban facial recognition tech


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Paid rioters are being identified and arrested, so facial recognition software is being declared racist. Maybe it's also the fact people pointed out Hillary's body double had differently shaped ears. Ears are a big part of facial recognition, in case you didn't know. Will Smith can't hide anywhere. (His big ears were in the movie Enemy of the State). Don't worry though, they'll still use the software, but it'll be written up as an "anonymous tip" instead.

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Good. While facial recognition can be a useful tool (in security, LE, etc.) it shouldn't be the only tool used to identify or prosecute anyone. Because, yeah. It is deeply flawed in the ways mentioned. It's really no better than eyewitnesses...And there's mountains of evidence that eyewitnesses are a deeply flawed method of identification


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What the heck does sophisticated facial recognition have anything to do with minorities being more apt to be thrown in prison?


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