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BMW drivers are the 'the worst' on the roads


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A survey carried out by vehicle finance firm Moneybarn found that Beamer owners really aren't very popular with other motorists.

Back in April, the firm asked 4,000 people who they thought were the 'worst drivers on the road'.

And almost 40 percent (39.1 percent) of respondents said they had a big problem with BMW drivers.

The report said: "It's clear that BMW drivers have built up quite the reputation for them, hence the joke that BMW's don't come with indicators.


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I found women in big white SUV"s (the bigggg ones) were the worst drivers when I lived in Dallas.  I haven't seen even one of those big SUV's in Albuquerque.  I don't think anyone here can afford them.  In Albuquerque the worst drivers are 30 year old men in small cars and semi truck drivers.  Neither of those know that you can take your foot off the gas and use your brake when traffic slows down.

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Lol hasn't this literally been the case for about thirty years? 

Also, at least in the states, some crazy amount of BMWs are leased; basically they're shows of middle class credit err wealth or what have you

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I don't remember having lots of bad BMW driver experiences but they have always had a reputation.

Credit where its due though, despite speed cameras, 20 mph limits and road humps they are still blazing a trail. :lol:

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