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Great Barrier Reef should be listed as 'in danger'

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"Climate change is the single biggest threat to all of the world's reef ecosystems... and there are 83 natural World Heritage properties facing climate change threats so it's not fair to simply single out Australia," said Ms Ley.

Environmental groups say the UN's decision highlights Australia's weak climate action, however.

"The recommendation from Unesco is clear and unequivocal that the Australian government is not doing enough to protect our greatest natural asset, especially on climate change," said Richard Leck, Head of Oceans for the World Wide Fund for Nature-Australia.#


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Raptor Witness

A wonder of the world, lost to careless greed. A treasure, stolen by industrialists.

Yet, is the Earth without teeth or claws?

Roll over on the industrialized nations of the Pacific, Mother, with all manner of wrath. Mercy to your indigenous friends. 

Sea, a new reef, where the waters are cooler. A new nursery, beyond the reach of men. A secret place, where the sky and Earth, are one. A sacred store of treasure; at peace, far and away …. arise.. A dream to remember, a paradise, unknown. 


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