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Still Waters

Company's business permit suspended after paying worker's wages in coins

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Still Waters

A factory worker in the Philippines received plastic bags containing thousands of small coins as pay for two days of labor, gaining the sympathy of social media users and local authorities who dressed down company representatives in public.

Over the weekend, a cousin of laborer Russel Mañosa posted on Facebook a series of photos showing the coins in small and large plastic bags. That got the attention of Mayor Rex Gatchalian from Valenzuela City, where the factory, which reportedly works in plastic recycling, is located.


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Good on them for punishing this company. That's just a rotten thing to do.

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and then

That little act of pettiness cost the company a lot more than the "annoyance" of an employee demanding justice.  I'm not sure how it works there but over here the employer complies with the order, then makes it impossible for the worker to stay due to regular mistreatment on many levels.

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