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Retrieving deleted photos - iphone

Peter B

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Hi folks

13YOS is in the dog house because he deleted some photos from his iphone. The reason this is a problem is that his phone is linked to my wife's phone, so the photos also disappeared from her phone. And they weren't backed up anywhere else.

Naturally she'd like them back. She has an iphone X and she thinks it uses iOS 14.6. (Would it help to know son's iphone details?)

Can anyone suggest a way to retrieve them please?

Thank you!

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Hi @Peter B, were they actually stored on the phones? Or on cloud storage?

If they were on the phones hard drive, then let your wife first know not to take any new photos/videos or use any data-intensive apps, as they may overwrite the deleted photo data, which may still be able to be retrieved.

I have used a couple of programs which were able to retrieve deleted photos from my old formatted iPhones, but I only used them on iPhone 4, 5S and 7+.

Not sure about the best program to use currently, but the main thing is to make sure they are not taking new photos/videos or using apps which may overwrite the deleted photo data.

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They were on the phone.

And I'll let her know about the apps. She knows not to take any photos/videos.

Thank you!

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I had a quick look, but without using a current program I wouldn’t be comfortable recommending one for the newer iOS.

Hopefully someone else will chime in, but otherwise just Google iPhone photo recovery for the specific iOS and go from there. 

It should be possible if they are on the phones hard drive.

But if they were on cloud storage, they should also be able to be retrieved.

(And just to check, have you checked the ‘recently deleted’ photo album?)

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Hey Peter 

I use 14.6 also. Try doing this via the sons phone rather than wife’s


click on photos app

choose albums (at the bottom)

there will be one album for ‘recently deleted photos’ choose this and restore. You normally get around 30 days to restore the photos. 

hope this helps!!

(my own children have played this nasty trick on me before also!!) 

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