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Picture Harvesting - I did it my way -


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I've just completed a new Picture Harvest ("gold panning"): started on 2021 03 27 * 0063 07 06 K.E., completed today 2021 07 20 C.E. * 0063 11 09 K.E..
I've been collecting the digital pictures I like since I started to surf the Web (summer 2003 C.E.). I do not easily find pictures I enjoy observing online. I now own 34k+ of them, meticuluously sorted. That's about 5 new collected pictures each day, on average. Those digital pictures can be mere colors/shapes or texts, formulas, etc.
I noticed my interest faded for many of those collected pictures. So one day, I did a copy of all my digital pictures then I pitilessly deleted all the (copies of) pictures I didn't feel interest in any longer. Pitilessly. They were copies, anyway. The originals were safe. I call that process 'picture harvesting' (gold panning). Then I looked at the surviving pictures. Finally, I could better understand my representation of All thanks to that visual projection.
I've done several harvests these last few years. I optimized the process each time. And, obviously, I consider this present harvest the best ever - until I do even better.
So, this time, I started with the copies of my 'Main Album' (34,7k pictures) and of my 'Dreams & Visions Album' (2k pictures) = 36,7k pictures. I pitilessly deleted all the (copies of) pictures I didn't care about any longer. I can seem pitiless regarding the pictures of my friends, relatives and such but I don't want to waste my time: I want to reach what I fundamentally find interest in.
For this harvest, I got 1,563 survivors, i.e. approximately 4.3% of the current collection. They are my gold nuggets.
Then I created as many folders as needed in order to sort all those survivors. I needed to create about 190 folders. I wanted to reach a square number and the closest was 14² = 196. So I managed to get 196 folders.
Numerous threads get disentangled thanks to that visual process. Threads become distinct, more accurate and easier to visualize.
Then I selected the one most appropriate picture in each folder. So I got 196 pictures, the very concentrate. You can find them below in a 14 x 14 square. I suggest you download this picture then zoom in. The resolution is pretty good.
So what? Well, it all is much clearer to me. Many "things" happen during that process. It's also about self-programming. As I imagine it, everyone of us, Earthlings, is programmed. So let's conscientiously program ourselves the way we prefer. Each time I focus on my pictures, I get impregnated by my observing them. I'm quite aware of that. I even welcome it. Whenever I delete a picture, I feel like I "delete" / "rewire" something in me. I try to master the way I program myself thanks to pictures. We obviously get programmed through languages too, by the way. Who can even imagine languages are "neutral"?
The harvest is completed once the final patchwork is published in a public place. I've publicly communicated about this process all the way through on Facebook (for a start).
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Removed copyrighted images at OP's request
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Oh em jee!  You own the copyright on 34K images?  You've been a busy chap. :yes:

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2 hours ago, acute said:

Oh em jee!  You own the copyright on 34K images?  You've been a busy chap. :yes:

Your own sarcasm will kill you some day.


Here's the neutral version of the patchwork, only with pictures of mine. What really matters is the descriptions after all.


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My eye sight isn't good for reading and I can't enlarge your pictures enough. What are the descriptions? It looks to me like some random images from the internet. What is it all about?

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11 hours ago, Ted E Hughes said:

Is it 'pitiless' to delete copies? Some people buy programs to do just that.

Good remark.


Even though I keep the originals in a safe place, I do as though those copies actually were the originals during the process. Each time I delete a copy, I feel like I delete an original. It's actually fundamental in the process. It's all much about thought experiment.


I'm glad you pinpointed that. I forgot to tell about that fundamental part in the process.

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@Still Waters I confirm I can improve this work of mine thanks to this topic and thanks to the comments I get here. Thank you.

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3 hours ago, Ted E Hughes said:

My eye sight isn't good for reading and I can't enlarge your pictures enough. What are the descriptions? It looks to me like some random images from the internet. What is it all about?

Thank you for your comment.

I'm typing the answer and the list of all the descriptions. It's taking a little while. I'll add the set of my own pictures too, easily visible.

You're going to be answered soon today.

Edited by ant0n
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5 hours ago, Ted E Hughes said:

My eye sight isn't good for reading and I can't enlarge your pictures enough. What are the descriptions? It looks to me like some random images from the internet. What is it all about?

- Originally, most of those pictures come from the Internet. The rest is mine. What actually matters is the final patchwork displaying them and the descriptions. I'm glad I publicly publish my work so that I could make it evolve. The descriptions and the remaining of pics that is mine matter much more than any other selected pictures from the Web, here, in my work. Moreover, there's no suspicion about copyrights that way. It's all much better that way, without the pics that are not mine.


So here are the 196 descriptions:



2^n-ions 0D - Beyond words

2^n-ions 1D - Real Numbers R

2^n-ions 2D - Complex Numbers C

2^n-ions 4D - Quaternions H

2^n-ions 8D - Octonions O

2^n-ions 16D - Sedenions S

2^n-ions 32D - Pathions P

2^n-ions 64D - Chingons X

2^n-ions 128D - Routons U

2^n-ions 256D - Voudons V

2^n-ions 512D - Hypercomplex Voudons HCV

2^n-ions 1024D - Hyperquaternion Voudons HQV

2^n-ions 2048D and more - Cyclic

4 Fundamental FORCES

5 implicit

11 04 - Symbolism

64' (128')

Animals - Gaean


Base 8

Base 10

Base 12

Biases, Fallacies

Binomial - Adjustments

Binomial - Heteroplanar

Binomial - Homoplanar

Binomial - SF

Binomial with AI, networks

Binomial with animal interface

Binomial with colonies


Colo(u)rs - Platinum Grey

Colo(u)rs - Purple associations

Colo(u)rs Shapes creation - others

Constellating beings

Continuous improvement

Creativity, Inspiration


Dejections, Trash

Dimensions - 3D looking like 4D

Dimensions - 4D and more

Dimensions, Measurement



Ending - Animals

Ending - Humans

Ending - Non-living

Ending - Vegetals


Evolution Planners


Exo-impressions - Colonies

Exo-impressions - Human-like

Exo-impressions - Machines

Exo-impressions - Non-human-like

Exo-impressions - Places

Exo-impressions - Vegetal-like

Explorers, Pioneers

Explosions - 0 Novae

Explosions - 1 Supernovae

Explosions - 2 Hypernovae


Fathers, non-linear (mine)

Fathers, non-linear (potential)



Friends (mine)

Friends (potential)

Gaean anchors


Galactic - a Individually

Galactic - b Clusters

Galactic - c Superclusters

Galactic - d Hyperclusters








Hypernuclei, Antihypernuclei


Icy environments




Land - 1970 09, 72 non-linear cluster

Land - 1990 05-06, 72

Land - 2003 01, 64

Land - 2010 07, Euskal Herria

Languages - a sub-planet for each


ME -

Memories, Total recall

Mimetism, Face Dancers

Mineral kingdom - active

Mineral kingdom - inert


Mothers, non-linear

Multiangular selves



No-Things, No-Spaces



OxyMoronic nature


Patchwork beings

Perception - the philo of


Place - America

Place - Antarctica

Place - Australia

Place - China

Place - England

Place - Euskal Herria

Place - France

Place - Germany

Place - Russia

Place - Spain

Planes, intertwined

Power, Massive

Primitives and Derivatives

Project - 11 04 K.E

Project - Astrolinguistics

Project - Class

Project - Communication

Project - Compensating olfaction

Project - em management

Project - Independence

Project - Intuition

Project - KHosmonautics

Project - Languages DE

Project - Languages RU ci

Project - Mission

Project - New connections

Project - Professional activity

Project - Saving data


Quantum Physics


Reality prisms


Relaxing, Entertainment






Science Equations (Gaea)

Sea Level (local reference)


Senses - globally


Smell - creation

Sounds, Harmonics - creation

Spontaneous generations

Sports (ice)

Sputnik JUNI 12 - JURI

Sputnik KHAEOS 0_K

Sputniki Santa Klaus 11 04

Sputniki Uh uh

Sputniki Yuri-Yuni & LaïKHa

Stability islands

Stellar - a Individually

Stellar - b System, local

Stellar - c Neighbo(u)rs

Sums - infinites into finites


Superimpositions, Moiré effects



Symmetrization - too sym

Taste - creation

Telluric - GAEA, local

Telluric - Mars Arès

Telluric - Moons with atmosphere

Telluric - Moons without atmosphere

Telluric - Venus


Time flow - non-linear

Touch sense - creation




Ultimates, Olympians

Unknown Matter Energy


Virtual Reality

Vision specific (Zuril-like)

VölkerWägen - Lampadas





The final patchwork BUT only with my own pictures:



Edited by ant0n
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