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USAF report references 'defensive force fields'


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12 hours ago, closed for business said:

Self Defence Umbrella GIF

Defend them?

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Look at 'em - all smug and arrogant.  They're definitely up to no good.

As for the post and the idea of force fields: I like the fact that they are happy to make predictions for 2060 but have no idea what developments will arise next year.  Or even what's already here, but experimental/classified.  

One of the annoying things about light is that it won't stay still.  Beams of light - no matter how many or how powerful - will never create a static, shimmering 'force field' as the movies imagine them.  For that you'd need something solid and permanent, and you might prefer to call that a wall

Might we, one day, have the technology and materials to construct a bomb-proof transparent dome over entire cities?  Perhaps, but what other technologies will be developed by then, which might negate the need?  Domestic 3-D printing is already a reality.  How long will it be before 3-D printers can build nanoprinters that will construct any feasible molecule, atom by atom?  At which point anyone can build viruses, poison gas, bombs, self-replicating destructive robots, anything.  A gigantic 'wall' over your town might become more of a prison than a shield.

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9 hours ago, Tom1200 said:

Look at 'em - all smug and arrogant.  They're definitely up to no good.

Hi Tom

The lead on the rush is using umbrella tech as a shield obviously the mobile app has been discovered already.:lol:

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Posted (edited)

Some kind of EMP field could be a thing, frying electronics of incoming vehicules and missiles..

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