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Still Waters

Herd of elephants storm through a tea plantation in India - moments before trampling a man to death

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Still Waters

A man was trampled to death by an elephant after a herd passed through a tea plantation.

The group of elephants crossed the road and into the gardens in search of food, but large crowds gathered in a bid to scare them off.

But one animal seemed to become enraged by the shouting and car horns, and a video shows the creature charging towards people, in district of Golaghat in Assam, India.

After darting towards a group of onlookers who immediately fled the scene, the elephant made a beeline for an unlucky man who stumbled by the roadside while trying to escape. 


*The video cuts off before the elphant reaches the man*

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Posted (edited)

Absolutely nothing disrupts elephant migration routes lol When it comes to that or food, the two often coinciding, they'll gladly take out any humans in the way

I remember, somewhere in Southeast Asia, was built a very large, very expensive, very touristy hotel. The problem was it was directly within the trajectory of a migration/food route. Do you think all that fancy bull**** stopped the herd? Nope, they walked right through the lobby...funny stuff

I mean whaddya do? We're in their way, they're not in ours

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