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Mexico sues US gunmakers over flow of weapons across border

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Mexico has filed a lawsuit against several U.S. gun manufacturers over the flow of weapons across the southern border.

The complaint filed in a Massachusetts federal court alleges the gun makers’ business practices have led to a “deadly flood of military-style and other particularly lethal guns” that are trafficked across the border.

Mexico further alleges that the gun makers are “fully on notice of the massive trafficking of their guns to Mexico,” but have not implemented any measures to control the flow of weapons.

News of the suit was first reported by The Washington Post.

The suit was filed against Smith & Wesson, Beretta Firearms, Century International Arms, Colt, Glock and Ruger. These companies manufacture weapons that are “most often recovered in Mexico,”  the complaint states.

The complaint also names Barrett, who’s “0.50 caliber sniper rifle is a weapon of war prized by the drug cartels.” Also named is Interstate Arms, the wholesaler through which most of the manufacturers sell their guns for re-sale.

The Mexican government alleges that the defendants “actively assist and facilitate” gun trafficking to maximize profits.



Further down there is one statement that raised my eyebrows:


Mexico has “strong domestic laws that make it virtually impossible” for criminals to obtain weapons, according to the complaint. 


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oh, please, 10s of thousands of Mexico army soldiers desert, take their guns with them and join cartels,

Mexican army's soldiers fleeing for drug cartels


Mexico Loses over 56,000 Soldiers to Desertion in Six Years


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spartan max2

Whats that we are told when drugs come across the border?


Something about it's our fault for having a high demand.

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