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Is anyone else as fed up with the debunkers as I am???

I love the site and the vast array of topics which are available for discussion; however, it is hard to have a discussion on anything because the debunkers of the topic control the conversation....people that could have some very good input into the discussion are so busy defending themselves, thier education, and thier views that you never get to have any kind of a discussion at all...

it is really sad that we adults continuously resort to the bickering over who is right or wrong.  

My suggestion would be that people show a little respect to the other members(and guest) on this board. If you see a thread started on a topic which you do not agree with, then simply don't go read it- because you already "KNOW" the "TRUTH" anyway...why must you go and prevent others that DO want to explore the possibilities of that theory from having a chance to do that. We are all adults here and we all have the right to believe and discuss whatever we so choose, we do not need other people to step in and "save" us so to speak and in reality the debunkers are only trying to get us to jump on thier bandwagon of beliefs.

I would really just love to see the members have a chance to discuss something without having to deal with a debunker every time. Maybe the threads should say "ONLY FOR MEMBERS WHO BELIEVE IN SOME OR ALL OF (whatever topic)" Would that keep the debunkers away? I doubt it, because they refuse to leave a discussion even after all other members of that discussion have said they aren't interested in being "converted"

Why don't they just start thier own thread and all like minded people like themselves can discuss thier views and the people that disagree with them can have thier own thread to discuss thier views? It seems like a lot more constructive way to try to have a discussion to me...

Anyway, just my 2 cents worth!!!!


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My only question is, who is the moron that posted this?  My list is a few strong of possiblities.  There are no debunker's here, and since when is that even comparable to logical, thorough reasoning?  I believe very much in conspiracies, and the unexplained, but I want to know all possible truths, and happen to appreciate when there is concrete fact thrown into a post.  Why would you not want to know the truth, or atleast an educated explanation as the cause or motivation behind some of the topics that are discussed?  You will not find the truth behind anything if you choose to keep your blinders on.  If you have that big of a problem hearing what is truthful, then go find out where all the jokers go when they leave this site, because it is too hard to handle.

And, just to make you aware, I don't think you are one of the adults members of this forum. And, if you want to rally the support of others' for your cause, then atleast do it openly, with some backbone.  That is a sign of adulthood..

Granted, maybe some things are harsh, all the name calling and such. But, that is sadly something that anyone would have to deal with, if you believe in anything that is so ridiculous.  I personally get sick of anyone that brings nothing to this forum but BS, but that is me, and atleast I have the guts to post this under my real name.


:-* :-*

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Well put Reese.

     This is a forum. If we look up the definition of a forum we get " a public meeting or lecture involving audience discussion ". And a discussion :consideration of a question in open and usually informal debate. So far... that's what I see here. Yes sometimes some views are regarded as absurd such as the last post by Robby which I won't go into. Is this not supposed to be a public meeting place where discussions are debated?  I have so many theories that I know can be proven wrong or right and come here sometimes just to have that done so as to learn. I also come here to put in my " 2 cents" ...because sometimes I like to think I can offer something worth reading or learning from. I don't know what it is with the 2 last posts I've read off here but... there way off topic.

Anyways.... gonna go find some undiscovered phenomena to read about and then post.

Cioa 4 now.  

:P :P :P

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